Hello world!

Kind of lost track of how many times I’ve started, re-started, killed, launched & tweaked this site.

I think part of that has always been because I never liked the idea of knowing that I wanted to write about a bunch of topics that varied greatly.

I probably should be ok with tagging & categorizing but at times I’ve read other blogs where an author writes an off-topic post that to me really detracts from what the majority of the blog seems to focus on.

And then again, I’m lazy and don’t really want to tag and categorize my posts either.  And anybody who lands here (or had been referred here) and sees an interesting piece on JavaScript or something technical probably doesn’t want to see photos of my [awesome] kids.  Or videos from U2 concert I attended.  Things that live in separate domains belong on different domains.  And that’s what I’m doing, now; with this site and a few others I’ve owned but never really did anything meaningful with.

So …

… that’s about it for now.



  1. including but not limited to video, music, photos & other media
  • Paul